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These photos of people in secluded tribes are astonishingly beautiful

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Photographer Jimmy Nelson has a beautiful new book called Before They Pass Away. It's a visual expedition into 29 of the most secluded tribes in the world and from the looks of his pictures, it's absolutely fantastic. The people that Nelson photographed live in such seclusion from the rest of the world that they're on the verge of becoming extinct.

MyModernMet recently had an interview with Nelson and he explains a little bit of the story behind his powerful images, saying:

After arriving at the locations, I always made sure they never saw any cameras. I also made myself small—in both a physical and metaphorical sense. I'm quite tall and imposing, but when you make yourself small, you give them the feeling that they are in control, even if it means spending 4 days crouched in the dirt. I would then try to communicate, usually with the help of translators. In places like Papua New Guinea, where there are thousands of languages, I had to use hand gestures and touching. Another important point is that I always stayed in their accommodation, whether it be a teepee or the ground, because I didn't want to give the impression that I was better than them.


You can see the Before They Pass Away website here to read more about the wonderful tribes he managed to document. It's absolutely worth it to read up on each tribe's story.


Huli in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

Karo in Africa


Kazakh of Eastern Europe


The Tsaatan of Mongolia