Some of these fake, Photoshopped Instagrams of dead rock stars—created by Brazilian designer Butcher Billy—are really good. My favorite are these two, Cash and Mercury, but there are more.

I'd like to think that Elvis, Cash, Mercury, Ramone, Cobain and all those glorious dead rock stars wouldn't participate in the internet promotional circus that is Twitter, Instagram or Facebook... But then, they all paraded through the equivalent media of the day, from Carson to MTV, so—why not? Heck, even the Rolling Stones have Instagram and Facebook accounts nowadays—although they probably don't give a damn about it except because it helps them to get business.


Whatever. I wouldn't give a damn as long as they were still alive. [Thaeger—Thanks to Lupanar de Omar!]

Vicious, Nancy and Cobain.


Ramones and Elvis.