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These Shelves Are Like a Shape-Sorter Toy For Grown-Ups

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Storage can be so boring sometimes—but not if you're friends with Stockholm designers Erik Olovsson and Kyuhyung Cho, because they've decided to create a shelving system that resembles the shape-sorter toys we all used to play with as kids.

The Room system is a modular design, which includes 25 stackable blocks and a low table. Each section has some kind of geometric void cut into it, into which the user can place an appropriately shaped object.

It might not be the most practical of storage solutions, but it certainly demands a creative mind, and makes a feature of each and every item you choose to display. Olovsson explained to Dezeen:

"We put things into square spaces without thinking about the relationship between the object and the room it's in. The Room collection has various different voids, in a bold and unconventional way, to give each object a greater focus by giving it its own room."

"Each block was inspired by a specific object, creating various shapes and sizes. The round for wine, zigzag for phones, tablets and laptops, or peaked for an open book. Each block can be a room to invite any object - the composition is unlimited."


Quite! Made from matte-lacquered plywood, the design is currently at prototype stage—but fortunately they're looking for a manufacturer to put it into mass production. [Olovsson and Cho via Dezeen]

Images by Gustav Almestål