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I'm still pretty smitten since trying out this pair of bike lights that mount permanently to the headset and seatpost—but I still gotta remember to charge them. So I'm dying to try out Pixio by Rydon; these little illuminators are solar-powered, meaning every time you go for a daytime ride you're powering up for after hours.


That is just super freaking smart. And if the specs are to be believed, you'd literally never have to worry about your bike lights ever again. These babies will shine for two years—two years!—straight out of the box?! Sheesh. On top of that, a little solar panel on top is constantly collecting energy, and apparently it just takes five cloudless days to power up again. Once they're on, you need a special, Pixio-specific tool to take them off, meaning that you'd have to get super industrious to nab 'em—and after all, most thieves are looking for an easy get.

Right now they're on pre-order for black or white models, and you can buy yours for about $45 each, here. Yes, I know that sounds expensive, but if these seriously are the only ones you'll need for-ev-er, then that's way worth it. [Rydon]


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