What good is a fancy set of kitchen knives if after deboning a few chickens and julienning a bunch of celery stalks it's already too dull to handle a ripe tomato? You don't want to spend your time in the kitchen toiling away on a sharpening stone, so the folks at TB Groupe designed a set of knives featuring laser-bonded titanium-carbide surfaces that only need to be sharpened every quarter century or so.

Besides giving the Furtif Evercut knives a stealth-like gray finish that's perfectly complemented by their faceted handles, that titanium-carbide coating will last 300 times longer than a regular old steel, and almost five times longer than a ceramic blade. And that in turn makes it easier to spend $138 on the chef, santoku, or kitchen versions of these knives, or $78 on the smaller paring knife. Just don't expect to find them using radar if they go missing in one of your drawers. [A+R Store via Cool Material]


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