Thereā€™s lots of reasons why we canā€™t have nice things; when it comes to bicycles, itā€™s because assholes enjoy stripping them for parts, or stealing them outright. This project is trying to fix that, one oddly-shaped magnet at a time.

The concept behind Hexlox is reasonably simple: itā€™s a piece that uses a magnet to sit in the head of a hex-head bolt, which are used all over bikes to lock components in place. Itā€™s a weird shape, preventing it being extracted by pliers, and magnetically shielded so that only the owner, with a unique key, can extract it, and undo the bolt.


Yes, security skewers already exist for wheels, seatposts, and saddles. But they donā€™t work on every design of bolt, and theyā€™re also so ubiquitous that thieves carry keys to most of the common brands. Hexlox will work with any steel hex bolts, and is supposedly much harder to pick.

I donā€™t believe that they would defeat every would-be scumbag, but the novelty of the solution would probably scare off most casual thieves, which is what you really wantā€”if someone armed with an angle grinder wants your bike, thereā€™s not much you can really do about it.


Of course, the usual crowdfunding caveats applyā€”untested product from an untested company, so thereā€™s a decent chance what youā€™re promised will never show up. But for $25, Iā€™m willing to take a chance on protecting my wheels.