These Tiny Magnets Could Stop People Stealing Bike Wheels

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There’s lots of reasons why we can’t have nice things; when it comes to bicycles, it’s because assholes enjoy stripping them for parts, or stealing them outright. This project is trying to fix that, one oddly-shaped magnet at a time.

The concept behind Hexlox is reasonably simple: it’s a piece that uses a magnet to sit in the head of a hex-head bolt, which are used all over bikes to lock components in place. It’s a weird shape, preventing it being extracted by pliers, and magnetically shielded so that only the owner, with a unique key, can extract it, and undo the bolt.

Yes, security skewers already exist for wheels, seatposts, and saddles. But they don’t work on every design of bolt, and they’re also so ubiquitous that thieves carry keys to most of the common brands. Hexlox will work with any steel hex bolts, and is supposedly much harder to pick.


I don’t believe that they would defeat every would-be scumbag, but the novelty of the solution would probably scare off most casual thieves, which is what you really want—if someone armed with an angle grinder wants your bike, there’s not much you can really do about it.

Of course, the usual crowdfunding caveats apply—untested product from an untested company, so there’s a decent chance what you’re promised will never show up. But for $25, I’m willing to take a chance on protecting my wheels.



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I think the best security would be increasing the punishment for an obscene level and actually catching thieves. Maybe if people were genuinely afraid of having both hands chopped off, we wouldn’t have to carry 10 pounds of chain every time we want to ride a bike.

I’d love to never have to worry about my bike getting stolen, but a close second would be to catch someone trying. It would be so satisfying to severely beat some asshole with the same seat post he just removed from my bike...