These Video Glasses Will Let You Walk and Watch TV at the Same Time

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Video glasses are a pretty dorky vision of the future. I mean, put on a pair of blockers so you can watch video by yourself? A little bit anti-social, are we? Lumus wants to help a little bit by making glasses which let you watch video and see through the lens too.

TechCrunch says Lumus' glasses mimic an 87-inch screen that's 10 feet away from you with a 720p resolution (it supports 3D too). The lenses are actually transparent and uses "a pair of light pumps into the earpieces that send and refract light down the lens." The idea is to keep the electronic wizardry away from the lens themselves so the glasses are lighter and when turned off, completely transparent so you can dorkily interact with the rest of the world? Lumus will show off these transparent video glasses at CES. [TechCrunch]