They Cloned Bruce Lee — Three Times!

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Has there ever been a movie in worse taste than The Clones Of Bruce Lee? Cashing in on the martial-arts legend's death, the film shows a ruthless scientist cloning Lee three times.

The film gathers together three of the most famous Bruce Lee "clones" that starred in movies after his death: Dragon Lee, Bruce Le and Bruce Thai. The "plot" is pretty flimsy, involving one of the Bruce clones going to work for a corrupt film-maker while the other two swan around. And eventually the mad professor goes totally insane and orders the three Bruce Lees to fight each other to the death, so whoever is left will be the King. "And I will control the King ha ha ha ha ha!" Luckily, the Bruces finally break out of the professor's mind control. This amazing sequence also shows quite how great the dubbing in this film becomes: