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Thieves Stole $1.5 Million of iPad Minis from JFK

Illustration for article titled Thieves Stole $1.5 Million of iPad Minis from JFK

Breaking into the same JFK cargo building featured in the movie GoodFellas, two thieves stole two pallets of iPad Minis—about $1.5 million worth—in a slick robbery that included using the airport's own forklifts and possibly an inside man.


The New York Post reported that the two thieves broke into the cargo building on Monday night and loaded up two pallets worth of iPads into their white tractor trailer. They left three more pallets of iPads in the building because an airport worker interrupted them and asked what they were doing. The Post says:

The crooks arrived at Building 261 around 11 p.m. in a white tractor trailer marked with the name CEVA on the side, according to the sources. They pulled up to the side of the airport building that faces onto a street and has less security than the other side, which is accessible from the airport tarmac.

Sources believe someone let them into the area and then let them out after they grabbed the iPads.


In all, about 3,600 iPad Minis were taken. Can't wait to see them pop up on Craigslist! [NY Post]

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Slick, Apple knows the MAC addresses of every one of these machines. Every buyer will get visited by the police. Nice.