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This $140 Kindle Fire Is the Best Tablet Deal You'll See for a Long Time

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Kindle Fire is a spectacular tablet—arguably the best (for the money) Android slate out there. And today you can cop one for $140 instead of $200.


Today's Amazon Gold Box Sale™™™ is a refurbished Kindle Fire. Ew, refurbished? No! It doesn't matter! It'll look the exact same, and it comes with the exact same 1-year warranty as a brand new, non-refurbished Kindle Fire. The deal only lasts today (or until it sells out), so hustle if you want one.

Two thoughts:

1. Maybe buy one for Mother's Day (for yourself and/or mom)

2. Speculate that this might mean Amazon is clearing out inventory for a new Kindle Fire! (!) [Amazon]