This 26 Pound Gummy Bear Deserves More Than Just Its Own Music Video

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It won't arrive in time for tomorrow's Thanksgiving dinner, but you'll be doing future Christmas party guests a great disservice if you don't have one of these 32,000 calorie giant gummy bear monstrosities at the table.

Affectionately dubbed the Party Gummy Bear since eating one by yourself is basically committing suicide, it dwarfs the previous gummy record holder, a five pound bear, that now seems like nothing more than an appetizer. Available in blue raspberry, orange, green apple and red cherry flavors, the bear is just as functional as it is deadly delicious thanks to a one liter bowl carved into its belly. Perfect for serving drinks, chips, or if you want to get really meta, smaller gummy bears.


The price of entry for what is probably one of your childhood dreams is a mere $200, including a sturdy plastic container giving it a shelf life of over a year. But who wouldn't want to just dive right in as soon as their disgruntled UPS driver dropped it off? [VAT19 via That's Nerdalicious]