This 27-Inch Dell U2711 Monitor Looks Eerily Familiar...

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Dell's U2711, on sale for $1,100 today, seems like the monitor dreams are made of, with 2560x1440 resolution, 100 percent representation of the sRGB color space, 6ms response and a window-friendly matte finish. There's just one, tiny catch. UPDATE


This Dell monitor is believed to use the same LG-sourced panel that's been plaguing iMacs. You know, the yellow one.

To make matters worse, some have already complained that these LG-sourced monitors are already causing problems in the Dell monitor line.

The potential issues haven't prevented Dell from securing a CNET Editor's Choice on the U2711, so maybe they're just fine. But I would strongly recommend you take a look at the return policy before ordering. Full specs at: [Dell via Electronista]

UPDATE: Excellent point from a reader—the 27-inch iMac uses the same LG basic LM270WQ1 IPS panel but the Dell uses a conventional CCFL backlight as opposed to the iMac's LEDs. Especially since the LED matrix positioning has been suspected of causing yellow iMacs, the idea that this Dell display would be just fine makes some level of sense.


$1100? For just the monitor?

So for $899 more you get a Core i5 computer with 4GB Ram, a Terabyte hard drive, bluetooth, wireless N, a 512MB graphics card, plus a webcam, microphone and speakers built in? AND you can use Target Display Mode and use it as an actual monitor.

Apple tax, my foot. I know this sounds like an Apple ad, but seriously, when you consider that it's all in one, the price really doesn't seem outrageous. Not to mention you'll be able to get it for $2-300 less on refurb in about a month when they get all the lcd issues fixed.