This $30, 300GB Hard Drive Was Designed Especially for Raspberry Pi

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Need some pocketable storage for your pint-sized computer? Western Digital’s new PiDrive is probably the answer, squeezing just over 300GB into its quarter-inch-thick frame—and it’ll only set you back $30.

The new drive was, unsurprisingly, designed with the Raspberry Pi in mind. Not all external drives work with the simple little computers, so Western Digital has re-worked its existing small 500GB drive. The end product connects using USB rather than SATA and uses less power, too. (In fact the drives features a predictable 314GB, if you want the precise figure.)

The drive will be useful for anyone using a Raspberry Pi as a music server, but it’ll also ship with the BerryBoot bootloader, which allows the Raspberry Pi to boot into any number of operating systems from the drive.


Usually $45, you can currently buy one at the Western Digital store for $30.

[PR Newswire via IT World]

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PiDrive? 314 GB? Are you sure its not 314,159,265,359 bytes? Even the price is $31.42 and it was announced on 3/14. The “original” price is $45.81, with the difference between it and the discount price being $11.68