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This 3D Tribute To Hayao Miyazaki is Jaw-Droppingly Gorgeous

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Legendary Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki has created some of the most beautiful animated films—but this video tribute takes some of Miyazaki’s most-loved characters and puts them into a 3D world. The result gives you Miyazaki like you’ve never seen him before.

Vimeo user and animator Dono made this incredible video, which combines the beautiful piano work of Joe Hisaishi with extracted clips and characters from a plethora of Miyazaki films, from Spirited Away to My Neighbor Totoro to Porco Rosso, placing them into specially created 3D environments made by Dono.


At first, you might not think the blend of 2D animation and 3D environments would actually work—but they come together to make something that looks completely remarkable, and totally faithful to the iconic catalogue of Miyazaki. Lovely stuff.

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