This 45-Minute Blade Runner Cut Is Made Of Footage Not In The Final Film [Updated]

There are already multiple official versions of Ridley Scott’s classic film Blade Runner, but Charles de Lauzirika and his production team managed to make a completely different cut using just the B-roll from the film and takes that ended up on the cutting room floor. Check out their 45-minute version of Rick Deckard’s journey.


No, it’s not as grand as the official Blade Runner cuts and it relies heavily on voiceover to string the visuals together, but it’s neat to see this alternate universe take on the film and what this version suggests about the nature of Deckard himself.

Update: So I am an idiot. Charles de Lauzirika wrote in to point out that this is the cut that he and his production team created eight years ago and that this cut has been available on home video releases from Warner Bros. I originally miscredited the cut, believing it was a new cut, and I apologize to the production team.

[via Annapurna Pictures]



Voiceover, no voiceover. Wife, no wife. Replicant, not a replicant. Seems no one knows whose story they were trying to tell with this movie. The more versions of this I see, the more confused I get.