This Adorable Chibi-Chappie Is The Cutest Little Robot Around

Chappie, the titular robot hero from Chappie is already quite childlike for a robot. But when you shrink him down to practically robo-baby proportions, he becomes even more obviously childike - and down right cute to boot!

The 3.5” toy, made by Gentle Giant, is sadly not poseable like the wonderful ThreeA figure we’ve featured before, but he makes up for it by being the gosh darn cutest little robot there is. Glad in his gold chains and spray painted additions from Chappie’s “rebellious teen” phase in the film, the tiny toy comes with a replacement orange arm and ear piece, and a throwing star to delicately balance in his open palm.


It’s such a nice looking figure, it’s almost a shame there’s no articulation. Chappie is a cool looking robot, and I’ve love a cutesy version like this that you could move around. Alas, instead this lil’ Chap is more statue than he is figure.

Thankfully though, Chibi-Chappie does not come with a disproportionate price tag — you can preorder the figure from Gentle Giant now for $20, ahead of release later this year.


[via Toy News International]

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