This Air Conditioner Uses Predator-Vision For Targeted Coolings

If you've ever struggled to get the cool breeze from a wall-mounted air conditioner aimed exactly where you need it, you'll want to earmark some cash for Mitsubishi this November. That's when the company will be releasing its new Z Series Kirigamine air conditioners, featuring an infra-red camera that can detect and automatically target the warmest parts of your body.

A venting system featuring precision-controlled flaps can produce 34.3 billion different airflow patterns in a room, ensuring cool air gets to exactly where it needs to be to make the occupants comfortable. And if there's more than one person in a room, using its infra-red camera the air conditioner can determine who's already comfortable and focus its cooling efforts on those who are warm.


The new Z Series even takes into account someone's posture—whether they're sitting, standing, or laying down—to ensure that the chilled breezes don't hit them directly which can be uncomfortable, even in a hot room. With an estimated price of over $3,500, it's almost like hiring a personal assistant to fan you all day long. Now if only the AC unit could feed you grapes. [Impress Watch via Tech-On!]

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