This App Lets You Send Handwritten Greeting Cards Right From Your Phone

In a world of texts and emails, handwritten notes are getting rarer and rare because they require that heinous thing called "effort." Or at least they used to. A new iOS app called Inkly takes almost all the work out of it, except for the actual writing part.

The process is easy, way easier than going out and buying a card. All you have to do is write your message on a piece of plain white paper. Once you've done that, you use Inkly to take a picture of it, and select a card you like from Inkly's collection. Then, Inkly rips your handwritten message off the picture you took, prints it on the inside of the card, and sends it off to the destination of your choosing, anywhere in the world.


For the service, you can expect to pay a cool $4.00 plus $.50 fir delivery, a bit more than just buying a card, but this is catering to the lazy, not the cheap. For the time being, all the cards are printed in the UK, though printing locations are set to come to the US and Australia too. And as for the message? Inkly claims it's so accurate, the recipient will never be able to tell how lazy you were. An Android version is on the way, but for now, you can find Inkly on the app store and never leave the house again. For cards, anyway. [Inkly via The Next Web]

Image by Ambient Ideas/Shutterstock

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