Otachi is basically the Batman of NECA’s Pacific Rim toy line at this point. The Kaiju beastie ranks up there with main star Gipsy Danger for variant toys, but only one comes with a feature for it to grab other mech toys and carry them up to their rapid-descent death. That’s pretty damn cool.

NECA’s “Flying Otachi” toy features the Kaiju with its wings stretched out (to a wingspan of 24”, making it an awfully large figure to boot), unlike previous versions of the monster, but that’s not all that’s new. Otachi comes with an alternate headpiece that has its long glowy blue tongue from the movie, and a battle damaged version of its tail that can be swapped out with the normal tail if you own previous versions of the figure.


But the coolest part is the stand. Not only does it let you pose Otachi in flight, it can hold a hapless Jaeger toy to make it look like the poor robot is getting carried away into the atmosphere like the climax of the movie. It’s a shame you can’t pose Otachi’s claws to grab the figure, but the stand is an otherwise nifty way of doing it.

Just try not to break your figures dropping them from great heights. Pretty sure a $25 action figure doesn’t have nuclear-powered chest-jet to slow its descent and avoid crashing into a billion parts. The deluxe flying Otachi will be out in July.


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