The backyard shack is a fantasy of every hobbyist. If you are a hobbyist with some scrilla, however, you can make your dream a reality—which is exactly what these homeowners/pianists in Japan did, by building an awesome sound-proof shack for their pianos.

Designed by Ni&Co Architects, Piano House is home to an upright and a grand. It was built as a hideaway refuge so that its owners can escape from their urban lives and play some tunes.

The 22 x 50-foot shack is sound-isolated from the outside world thanks both to the building materials used and its spiraling plan. As you walk in, you have to move all the way around a bend to get to the actual room holding the pianos, which provides an additional layer of sound isolation on two of the building's four sides.


Additionally, the roof is angled to enhance it acoustic resonance:

Despite the clever engineering at work here, my favorite part is that it's an isolated single-use structure. Giving the music its own conceptual space can be instrumental to finding room for it in your life. Want. [Ni&Co via Dezeen]