If kids aren't breaking or destroying their things, they're outgrowing them faster than you can replace them. That's why stretchy clothes that keep up with their growth spurts are a good idea, as is this clever balance bike from Doppelganger with an adjustable frame that gets taller as your kids do.


With a few simple tools the Ace Bike can accommodate one year olds until they reach about 55 pounds. At that age they'll be a little too heavy for the bike's lightweight plastic frame, but it's probably time for them to start tackling something with pedals at that age anyways. And while plastic isn't the strongest material to build a bike with, it is one of the cheapest, so Doppleganger's Ace will set you back just $88—leaving plenty of money to keep your First-Aid kit stocked for accidents. [Doppelganger via Damn Geeky]

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