This bike rider riding along the side of the mountain is defying gravity

Here is Michal Kollbek harnessing his inner mountain goat and riding the White Line in Sedona, Arizona. It looks like a flat surface—that is, the wrong kind of flat surface that's next to you like a wall and not under you like the road— he's riding on and him not slipping down the steep slide is totally defying the laws of gravity.

So awesome. The ride was filmed by Marshall Mullen.


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Old mountain photographers' trick: either take a frontal of the rock face - it'll always look vertical that way. Or, if you photograph/film along the rock face, rotate the camera slightly towards it - on the picture it will look more vertical than it is. In the video, watch the horizon in the left upper corner - can you see how it is sloping towards the left? Now imagine you tilt the picture until the horizon is, uhhm, horizontal - and voilà, the rock face is already a bit less steep looking. I'm sure you can trim a quadropter accordingly.

EDIT: just realize that some of the horizon-tilt is probably also due to the distortion of the wide angle lens

(and no, I still would probably not want to ride a bike there...)