Instead of spinning blades (even Dyson’s blade-less fans feature a spinning impeller in the base), the Volerian Fan features a pair of vertical flapping wings in the back, paired with a set of static but adjustable wings in the front to direct the airflow throughout a room. The design is supposedly more energy-efficient, using about as much power as a regular tower fan while moving twice the amount of air, and both quieter and safer as there’s no risk of losing a digit should you touch the flapping wings.

Volerian is going the crowdfunding route for its fan, with an Indiegogo campaign looking to raise just shy of $10,000 to help put it into production. The cheapest tier has the fan going for about $300 with delivery sometime in June of next year, but full retail pricing is expected to be closer to $430 or more, assuming it ever becomes a reality. More than ever, it’s important to be extra cautious about crowdfunded products, particularly electronics, given the issues with supply chain shortages and shipping challenges around the world as a result of the ongoing pandemic. This is also an unproven design, even for fans, and unlike companies such as Dyson that can pour millions of dollars into the R&D needed to perfect a new design, Volerian doesn’t have the benefit of unending cash flow from various successful products already on the market.