This Bookend Is So Minimalist You Can't Even See It

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If you hate extraneous clutter but need to organize your books, here's just the thing: Paul Cocksedge's Invisible Bookend is an exercise in function over form. Largely because you can't see the damn thing.

In fact, the whole concept of the piece is a rather profound one. Cocksedge claims to be exploring the question "would you want to own something, when all you can see is what it does, not what it is?". That's a pretty tough question, and he stretches the concept as far as possible: his website just shows pictures of the bookend in action, and not a single image of the item itself. He explains:

"I wanted to discover if other people would enjoy as much as I do seeing books displayed without any other object to distract attention from them. This is a design which is not about appearance, only function. That's the beauty of it."


There are a few scant details floating around: it's freestanding, requires no mechanical fitting, holds more than a meter and a half's length of books, and is made from stainless steel. Other than that, the decision to purchase or not rests on whether you like what it does. If you do, it's available to purchase now for $80 and will ship on November 12th. [Paul Cocksedge via DeZeen]

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Ridiculous. The website doesn't show the product. I understand that on your SHELF it should be invisible, but if they are asking for my money I should be shown what it does. Simple logic says it is an 'L' shaped thin piece of metal that sits under the 'end' books and then inside the covers of said books. If that is the case (which seems highly likely) the exact same results can be achieved with $5 aluminum bookends available at target.