This Bottle Will Heat Up Your Milk Without Electricity

Designer Karim Rashid has a knack for off-the-wall designs, so I wasn't surprised to see his name attached to the Iamo Go baby bottle concept. This somewhat phallic-shaped bottle is supposed to heat milk to body temperature without using electricity.

The idea behind the Iamo Go is that it uses "a disposable capsule containing water and salt" instead of power cords to heat up fluids. The heat is generated as the salt in the organic cartridges is rehydrated, so it's a safe reaction. Clever idea, and Karim even seems to emphasize the safe, child-friendly nature of the design with his lovely matching outfit:


Oh, that look on his face says "Bet you thought this thing was something entirely else when you first saw it." And yes, Karim, yes I did. [Dezeen]

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