This Chic Penthouse That's Frozen in the 1970s Is Surprisingly Cheap

Do you have $150,000 burning a hole in your pocket? Have you always dreamed of throwing a Boogie Nights-themed party in a penthouse with a view of the Chicago skyline? Then you’re going to love this real estate listing.

The three-bedroom apartment near Evanston, Illinois was built in 1972 and decorated with the hippest orange and green furniture of the time. Apparently, however, the penthouse never got used and now serves as a time capsule of sorts from a simpler time.


With 1,877 square feet of living space and two bathrooms, there’s plenty of room for you and your nostalgic friends to talk about the war in Vietnam and President Richard Nixon and Pulsar’s amazing LCD watches and stuff.

By Zillow’s estimate, the list price boils down to a mortgage payment of less than $600. There’s also a balcony that overlooks a heated outdoor pool. The bathrooms even come stocked with vintage perfume that’s presumably been sitting there for 40 years. How could you pass up an opportunity like this?


[Curbed via Neatorama]

Images: Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate

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