This Chrome Extension Will Fact-Check Trump's Tweets for You

As we move towards eventually annotating the entire internet for truthiness, Washington Post reporter, Philip Bump, has created a Chrome Extension to fact check our President Elect’s notoriously dodgy tweets.

Let’s revisit this gem wherein Trump alleged that “millions of people” voted illegally for his opponent, Hillary Clinton in the election. The extension adds a banner beneath the tweet adding more context. That is, pointing out the statement is ludicrous and presented with no evidence.


The extension adds similar banners to Trump’s most flagrantly false tweets, redirecting to one of Washington Post’s explainers on the subject via the [LEARN MORE] link. Interestingly, Washington Post’s fact-checking team is one of the third-party fact checkers Facebook is tapping as part of its renewed effort to combat hoaxes on the platform.

Of course, it’s worth noting that this is a potential traffic boon for The Washington Post, as every annotation links to the site. It’s also worth noting that, once he catches wind of it, Trump will probably single out the paper just like he did to Vanity Fair and New York Times. Then again, it’s no mystery that Trump hates The Washington Post.

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