This Clever Site Tells You If Your Favorite Bar Patio Is Sunny or Shady

Everyone has a favorite local patio they like to escape to during the summer, but if your timing isn't right, you might find yourself sipping a cold one in the shade. To ensure that never happens, some enterprising folks have whipped up a handy website that shows you exactly when your preferred summer spot is shady, or sunny.

Pints in the Sun was actually developed in the UK, as its URL reveals, but it works just as well whether you live in London, Los Angeles, or Lisbon. As long as there's 3D building data available for the surrounding areas allowing shadows to be calculated, you're all set. There's even an adjustable slider that lets you track the movement of sun and shadows throughout the day, so you can choose the optimal time to slip away for some mid-day R&R. [Pints In The Sun via Pocket-lint]


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