This collection of Doctor Who short stories has some gorgeous covers

Penguin Books is releasing an updated anthology of their Doctor Who short stories written by famous children's authors to include a new story for Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor - but the real star of the collection has to be these amazing new minimalist covers for each book.

12 Doctors, 12 Stories recollects the 11 novellas released last year to celebrate Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary - including stories written by Neil Gaiman, Malorie Blackman and Eoin Colfer - with one new story to celebrate the addition of the Twelfth Doctor, Lights Out by Spiderwick Chronicles author Holly Black. There'll be a normal edition of the collection that features all 12 stories in one book, but it's the wonderful 'gift' edition that will feature these cool covers, each depicting their starring Doctor's outfit:


12 Doctors, 12 Stories is due for release in the UK on October 23rd. You can see a gallery of each cover over at the Buzzfeed link below.


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