This Compact Microwave Is a Must-Have For Your Car

Designer Jake Rich has come up with a better design for the microwave that no longer requires a permanent parking spot on your kitchen counter. His Mediumwave concept has a footprint about the size of a dinner plate, and the traditional metal box form factor of microwaves of old has been improved with a removable dome lid that makes it easier to monitor and stir food as it's being heated.


It's even got a set of wheels so it's easy to move around and store. And while it retains the traditional light inside that lets you know when the microwave is running, it automatically adjusts its brightness depending on the heating intensity. So if you accidentally set it too high, it will be immediately obvious when the Mediumwave starts running.

But forget the kitchen. Were Jake to find a way to make his concept a reality, this improved microwave design also seems like it would be the perfect accessory for a long morning commute. You can make breakfast while sitting in traffic, and keep your mug of coffee perpetually piping hot. [Jake Rich via Dezeen]

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