This Could Be Windows 9's New Virtual Desktops in Action

Earlier today we got a taste of what appears to be Windows 9's new Start Menu in action. Now a leak by the German site (which has been leaking things left and right) shows rumored Virtual Desktops doing their thing.

The actual behavior looks pretty unremarkable, as it should be considering that Virtual Desktops have long been part of OS X and Linux. More importantly, this leak lends (more) credence to rumors that Windows 9's announcement and release are right around the corner. This looks pretty polished.


If the rumors are true we should be hearing about Windows 9 for real a little later this month, and the chances of the look better than ever. [WinFuture via WPCentral]

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Is the control panel accessible? In Windows 8 the existing PC settings hide many advanced settings. When configuring network access on campus using Windows 8, not all laptops connect easily and require customizing wireless network settings which are not available through PC settings and you have to dig around to find control panel.