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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Video Shows How Windows 9 Start Menu Might Work

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yesterday we saw the first leaked screenshots of what purports to be Windows 9, complete with Start menu. Now, there's a video which shows how the returning feature might work in the next iteration of the OS.

This video, provided by the same guys that leaked the images yesterday, shows what is claimed to be the Start menu working in the Windows Technical Preview. It's what you might expect from the newly revamped version of a familiar old friend: a mix of traditional apps and modern smart tiles, all working together in the comforting form of the Start menu. It looks like account options—like locking and signing out—have been moved to the top , while the menu itself is split into two: the right side a new selection of tiles, the left a more traditional list of apps.


Of course, there's no way we can tell for sure if this is real and, even if it is, there's time for everything to change. But if it is accurate, then it looks like our old friend the Start menu just got a fresh new look and a bit of a boost in functionality. With any luck we'll soon find out for sure. [YouTube via Verge]