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This Dude Hit 240 Consecutive Green Lights While Driving in New York City

Driving around Manhattan can hardly be considered driving because there’s so much damn traffic and construction and crazy taxis and people on the street. Most of the time you’re “driving,” you’re actually just stopped or digging your car out of a pothole, or are constantly avoiding accidents or dodging human bodies. You’re certainly not hitting 240 freaking green lights in a row. That would be impossible.


It’s not, apparently. Noah Forman hit 240 green lights in a row (with one yellow) while smoothly driving across the city. Sure, he pulled off the feat at three o’clock in the morning, but in a city that never sleeps, he definitely still had to snake around cars and big ass trucks to pull it off.


[Shawn Swetsky via Gothamist]

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How do we know he didn’t use a traffic light preemptor device?