Maker Faire NYC hits the Big Apple this week, so to get you in the mood for homemade robots, inventions and all things DIY, here’s a YouTube channel that teaches you to make almost anything.

It’s called I Like to Make Stuff, run by Bob Clagett, a former Dell engineer based in Savannah, Georgia. He’s picked up nearly half a million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Here’s a sampling of the spread of projects awaiting your craftiness:

To start, make a ring light for outfitting your GoPro:

At not even seven minutes, this is probably the most bite-sized tutorial you’ll ever watch to make your very own longboard:

How to make a video game arcade with Raspberry Pi, zero programming required:

Bob customizes a Nerf Strongarm Blaster “with paint weathering and a simple LED strip.” “Today we’re going to make a Nerf gun look way cooler,” he says.

A swiveling iPad stand for all your Square credit card-reading needs:

Make a copy of your favorite toy by learning how to mold and cast your Reagan-era Ninja Turtles, or anything else.

Finally, can’t leave out the backyard zipline.