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This Engineer on YouTube Will Teach You To Make Longboards and Ziplines

Maker Faire NYC hits the Big Apple this week, so to get you in the mood for homemade robots, inventions and all things DIY, here’s a YouTube channel that teaches you to make almost anything.


It’s called I Like to Make Stuff, run by Bob Clagett, a former Dell engineer based in Savannah, Georgia. He’s picked up nearly half a million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Here’s a sampling of the spread of projects awaiting your craftiness:

To start, make a ring light for outfitting your GoPro:

At not even seven minutes, this is probably the most bite-sized tutorial you’ll ever watch to make your very own longboard:

How to make a video game arcade with Raspberry Pi, zero programming required:

Bob customizes a Nerf Strongarm Blaster “with paint weathering and a simple LED strip.” “Today we’re going to make a Nerf gun look way cooler,” he says.

A swiveling iPad stand for all your Square credit card-reading needs:

Make a copy of your favorite toy by learning how to mold and cast your Reagan-era Ninja Turtles, or anything else.

Finally, can’t leave out the backyard zipline.

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Okay. I so desperately want to be good at putting things together. Damn it. Why can’t this be a strength??? What does it have to be a weakness?? I will now whine.