As governments look for new ways to spy on people, the commercial surveillance business is getting creative. One of the weirder offerings: a video and audio recording device hidden inside a baby seat.

A report on surveillance equipment sales to the Colombian government from Privacy International shows a flyer for the baby car seat, modeled on a product from British surveillance equipment company LMW Electronics. It doubles as a fully functional spying rig, boasting ā€œthe best possible standalone, covert surveillanceā€ with a pan, tilt, and zoom camera. You can retrieve secret timestamped recordings from a USB drive lodged in the seat.


Baby monitors and accessories promise to keep parents more connected to their kids, but this fake baby seat takes things in a strange direction. Itā€™s designed to help governments spy on people by swaddling snooping equipment in an innocuous, child-friendly cover, not to stop overprotective parents from freaking out.

Though I guess you could use it if you want to be damn sure your babyā€™s not up to mischief.

[Motherboard via Computer World]

Screenshot: Privacy International