This Fake Cracking Effect On a 3,800-Foot High Glass Skywalk Might Be the Meanest Prank Ever

Modern materials engineering allows us to build what looks like precarious glass skywalks perched thousands of feet off the ground. They’re completely safe, but knowing that doesn’t make them any less terrifying to traverse—especially when the glass skywalk you’re on uses transparent LCD screens to make it look like it’s about to shatter and collapse.

This tourist is clearly playing up his simulated peril for the camera, but making a glass floor that hangs 3,870+-feet above a valley appear to crack beneath someone’s feet ranks up there as one of the meanest pranks we’ve ever seen. That being said, the next time we happen to find ourselves in the East Taihang Mountains outside of Handan city in China’s Hebei Province, we’ll definitely be lining up for this tourist trap.

[YouTube via Twitter - Global Times]

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I somehow do not have much faith in China’s quality control.