This Fan Made Cubone Mask Is The Freakiest Pokémon Merchandise Ever

This is a life-sized mask of a Cubone's skull. It's very pretty, but if you know enough about Pokémon to understand what it is, you'll also freaky as hell.

The mask is made by Etsy user Faust and Company and, understandably, to avoid any legal issues the rubber mask is advertised as a 'Dragon Skull Mask' — but it's very obviously the Skull worn by the Pokémon Cubone. It's a beautifully detailed mask, for sure, but what makes it so deeply disturbing? I'm sure Pokémon fans are already aware, but I'll leave it to the game series' Pokédex to explain why the creature wears a fancy Skull helmet:

Wears the skull of its deceased mother. Its cries echo inside the skull and come out as a sad melody.


Yeah, that's right. Cubone's wandering around wearing its dead mom's skull over its head. In fact, when it evolves into a Marowak, that skull fuses itself onto the Pokémon's face. Is your mother a Marowak? No. Even if she was, wearing a replica of her skull over your human sized head is not the done thing. If there was ever a Pokémon faux pas, that would be it.

Good lord, that's creepy.

Unfortunately if you want your own life-sized Pokémon skull to wear like some sort of bizarro death mask, Faust and Company have already sold the one-of-a-kind mask for $150. But considering they're made to order, I'm sure you could ask them to make a new one for you.


[via Technabob]

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