This Fanny Pack Could Save You From Drowning

Fanny packs fell out of fashion sometime in the mid-1990s, but would you still wear one if it could possibly help save your life? Or, if it meant that when boating or kayaking you didn't have to wear an awkward and uncomfortable vest-style life jacket? Dakine is betting you will with its new unobtrusive waist pack life jacket.

If you find yourself suddenly overboard while out on the water, a quick pull of the pack's cord inflates it enough to keep adults 80 pounds and over afloat. There's probably an upper limit to its weight restrictions as well but, for most users, the US Coast Guard has approved Dakine's new waist pack as an emergency personal flotation device. Pricing is still to be announced, but no matter how expensive it is, it only takes one incident on the water to be glad you spent the money. [Dakine via Gear Junkie]


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