This Fantastic Fan Short Has Us Longing For an Ultimate Spider-Man Netflix Show

Since Spider-Man is almost certainly going to be featured solely in the Marvel movies, we’re not going to get any live-action entertainment focusing on the wider Spider-verse—stuff such as Miles Morales’ Ultimate Spider-Man—any time soon. But watching this short film depicting Miles’ origin makes us want some so bad.


Bard Tales ProductionsSpider-Man Lives: A Miles Morales Story pretty much delivers everything you need from an adaptation of Miles’ transformation into the new Spidey in just under 10 minutes. You’ve got people mourning over Spider-Man’s (and therefore Peter Parker’s) death, you’ve got Miles’ father stubbornly against costumed heroes, and a pretty good Miles himself in actor Demetrius Stevens. The insecurity, the humor, the growing confidence as he finally decides to carry on Peter’s legacy—it’s all there, and it clicks pretty well.

It’s still a fan film, so don’t go in expecting Marvel movie magic, but it’s slick, well-shot, and decently acted enough that you just might want to live in the parallel world where this is a prologue for the upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man Netflix show that airs after the launch of Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

Man. That would be a pretty good parallel world.



Damn, these fan shorts are getting better all the time. At least, effects-wise its pretty impressive. There could be a Netflix Spider-Man/Morales series and still have the movies be with Peter. I just don’t see why not.