This Fantastic Video Looks At Van Gogh's Work Ethic For A Lesson In Struggling To Succeed

Adam Westbrook has been putting together some really interesting video essays on the artist world, and for his latest video, he’s put together a really interesting look at Vincent Van Gogh’s work ethic in an era obsessed with popularity.


Westbrook looks at the struggles of Van Gogh. We know his work instantly, but what most people don’t know is how much work he put into his painting before he broke out as one of the greatest painters of all time.

This is compared against the ease to which people can enter the arts world now, thanks to the internet. It’s comparatively easy to create something from an idea, but it’s harder to get some traction and a wide audience. The lesson here? Sometimes, persistence is essential.

It’s worth checking out the first and second installments as well for a cool lesson on Da Vinci.


Justin T. Westbrook

I feel like Adam is the more successful Westbrook.