This Foldable Boat Is Great for Saving Space, Probably Less Great for Staying Alive

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For the casual seafarer with space constraints, Better Outdoors has come up with a creative, if perhaps terrifying, solution to a problem most of us never knew we had in the first place. Say hello to the Transporter: a box-like boat that conveniently folds into a box-like box for your space-saving, travel needs.

Assuming you choose the base model, the frame of the box will become your 4-person vessel, and the rest of the accompanying attachments can, supposedly, be latched on in no more than 10 minutes—no tools required. Each piece appears to screw in securely, and we're assured that if the boat does fall apart (what?), each separate pontoon can float on its own, meaning no one will be going down with ship.

Now granted, pictures can't tell the whole story nor am I by any means a connoisseur of boats, but the sturdiness/safety/effectiveness-at-keeping-you-from-your-watery-grave seems, perhaps, questionable in this situation. On the bright side: exciting! There's even an optional trolling motor and battery available, so you can get out as fast and far away from shore as possible in your floating deathtrap before surrendering to crippling panic.


But this emotional roller coaster doesn't come cheap; the base model alone will set you back $2300. A steep price to pay for mild convenience. But then again, the box turned boat can just as easily turn back to box, a coffin box. You'll save on funeral costs as everything comes neatly full circle, just like life. [Gizmag]