Goyer calls Foundation “the greatest science fiction work of all time... it was such a phenomenal influence on the Star Wars universe. Even things like Dune were influenced by Foundation”—offering an entry point to potential fans who might not have read Asimov’s book series, or at least not read it yet. You also get a good look at the two sides of the story, represented by stars Lee Pace (who plays one-third of the genetically engineered Empire) and Jared Harris (mathematician Hari Seldon, whose theories about the future of the galaxy make him an outsider). Plus: landscapes, costumes, spaceships, deserts, and definitely more than a few hints of the drama to come. “It took awhile for the world to be ready for Foundation, and that age has finally arrived,” Goyer teases.

io9 will have more on Foundation—which also stars Lou Llobell (as Gaal Dornick), Alfred Enoch (Raych Seldon), Terrence Mann (Brother Dusk), Leah Harvey (Salvor Hardin), and Laura Birn (Demerzel)—leading up to its release, including a review. Foundation’s first two episodes (out of 10 total) arrive on September 24 on Apple TV+, with weekly drops thereafter on Fridays.


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