Dwayne Johnson Thinks the Black Adam Movie Could Start Shooting Next Year

Daniel Craig reconfirms his return to James Bond. DC still has hopes for a Birds of Prey movie. Thanos wants to get snapping in a new Infinity War TV spot. Plus, more footage from The Meg, Team Flash faces the Thinker, and some Legends of Tomorrow stars could be going rogue in the next season. To me, my spoilers!

Paul Krugman explains what Asimov's Foundation and Jordan's Wheel of Time have in common

Even if you're not a huge fan of Paul Krugman, the trouble-making economist and New York Times columnist, you should check out his introduction to a new edition of Isaac Asimov's Foundation trilogy (PDF). He explains pretty succinctly just why these novels are great, and why they had such a huge impact on the young…