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This Giant Lego Calendar Syncs Automatically With Your Smartphone

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Even though your schedule is constantly at your fingertips via smartphone, everyone gets a little off track every once in a while. So the creative studio Vitamins dreamt up a solution that bridges real-life and online schedules: A giant Lego calendar that syncs up with smartphones.

Their calendar looks just like your iCal, except it's physical and made of toys. And it actually works—there's one row for each month, a column for every day of the week, a color for every project, and a minifig to represent each person in the company. Each brick stands for a half day on a project. The calendar works both offline and online, and to sync it, you just have to snap a photo with your phone and email it to a special address. Vitamins uses Google Calendar, but it says the system could work with any cloud-based scheduling system.


The studio has used their Lego calendar successfully for a year, and some day you could use it in your own office—Vitamins plans to put the code for the calendar software online soon. Then you won't have any excuse to ever be late again. [Vitamins Design via DesignBoom]