When Godzilla came out last year, there were a lot of jokes about how the premiere Kaiju of the movie world had, errr... a bit of a weight problem. I didn’t particularly notice it, until this ginormous (and amazing looking) figure reminded me just how meaty old ‘Zilla was.

The figure, by X-Plus, is around 30cm tall, making this quite the sizeable toy — with an even more sizeable tail on the back, which is apparently almost 45 cm in length.


My condolences to whoever buys this and has to find the space to display it!

Although it is technically a poseable figure, there’s not much you can do to this Godzilla posing wise — limited articulation at the neck, arms, chest, legs and tail means that you probably can’t pose him too much out of the default post without it breaking up the look of the figure. And you kind of don’t want to do that considering, chunky though he may be, this is a pretty lovely looking Godzilla.


The X-Plus Godzilla will be out in Japan this summer, for around $200. That’s a lot of dollars-per-Kaiju.


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