This Glowing Bedside Table Is Its Own Lamp

Pushing the boundaries of bedside table technology, designer Mikhail Belyaev created the Medusa for the 2012 Moscow Design Week that merges two bedside accessories into one so you have ample room for all your bedtime accoutrements.

The Medusa is both a bedside table and a lamp at the same time—but what does that innovation mean for you as a consumer? Well, for starters, you on longer have to sacrifice some of the table space for a lamp. You're free to fill it with whatever you think you'll need in the middle of the night. And if somehow that's still not enough room, the top of the lamp provides even more storage space. You could almost move your whole life into the Medusa—as long as your whole life consists of a Kindle, a glass of water, an asthma inhaler, your phone, and maybe a set of ear plugs. But small ones!


[Mikhail Belyaev via designboom]

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