This Google Street View Car Drove Through a Tomato-Throwing Festival In Spain


Apart from the Running of the Bulls in San Fermin, Spaniards enjoy some other wild festivals from time to time. One of them is called “La Tomatina.” Once a year, locals in the small village of Buñol engage in a massive battle with 150 tons of tomatoes as their only weapon of choice. Doesn’t seem like the best day to drive by and say hello in a Google Street View car.

According to Google, the plan was set to record the tomato-soaked streets once the battle was over, but someone, somehow, missed the schedule and the car ended having the tomato party of its life.


Still, this would have been a great opportunity for Google to bring “La Tomatina” to Street View in full 360º glory. I mean, just look at this:




The images, sadly, never got recorded. The sauce covering the car was only part of the problem. As a redditor points out, the car suffered heavy damages after a bunch of people stepped on it and used it as a platform to gain a tactical advantage in the tomato war. In a short statement to Gizmodo en Español, Google Spain acknowledged the damages and announced an ongoing investigation to find out the exact causes that led the car to the streets while the party was still running.

[Gizmodo en Español]

Top image: Reddit; other photos: AP


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