This great short film should be turned into a feature ASAP

Take a big bowl. Add one cup of The Matrix, two table spoons of Inception, and a few drops of District 9 essence. Whisk it up until even and you'll get Sundays: A proof-of-concept short film directed by Mischa Rozema that, hopefully, will soon be turned into a feature.

SPLOID SELECTS is a series where we feature the interesting short films we love. If you are a filmmaker with awesome short films you'd like to showcase, please drop me a line here.


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I suppose if you like philosophy then this might float your boat but i much prefer have an actual story to go with my damn fine CGI. Doesn't even have to be a great story.

For the first five minutes, I thought i was gonna get a tale of earth dealing with massive solar events... take all my monies! Then it turns the trippy bullshit up to factor five and I was done.