This Guy Didn't Know He Shot Himself in the Head with a Nail Gun

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Dante Autullo is a tough guy. He's also, according to his wife, a very accident prone guy. So when he accidentally hit his head with a nail gun and only saw a scratch, he didn't think anything of it... EVEN THOUGH HE HAD A FREAKING NAIL LODGED IN HIS BRAIN.

Here's what happened, according to The Chicago Tribune:

Autullo was standing on a ladder, reaching over his head to drive nails into the top of a wall, when he lost his grip on his nail gun. The recoil swung the gun back and pressed it against his skull. From the outside, it appeared to be a minor scrape, but just below the skin was the head of a nail.


The nail had entered cleanly into his brain without sending skull and bone fragments into the wrinkly matter. The flat head of the nail actually helped slow down the penetration and amazingly, kept Autullo alive. According to doctors, Autullo isn't suffering from any side effects from the nail-in-brain (or brain surgery) and hasn't shown any loss of function in his body. What's crazier is how long it took for Autullo to realize the nail was there. After nailing his brain, he still managed to drive his plow truck for eight hours, take his kids to a play rehearsal and take a nap before he went to the doc and saw the so-ridiculous-it-must-be-a-joke-x-ray. [Chicago Tribune]