This Guy Is In Jail For Using Facebook to Skip Jury Duty

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If you are a juror and you try to use Facebook to contact a defendant, you will get be dismissed. And if you're an imbecile like the guy in this photo, then you will get in jail.


He is 29-year-old Jacob Jock and he has been sentenced to three days in jail by Circuit Judge Nancy Donnellan.

Jock was one of the members of the jury in an auto negligence case last December. For some reason, he thought it would be a great idea to befriend the defendant, a woman called Violeta Milerman (in the photo below). When Violeta told her lawyer, the judge dismissed Jock from jury duty. But instead of leaving quietly, he posted the following on his Facebook page:

Score ... I got dismissed!! apparently they frown upon sending a friend request to the defendant ... haha.

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Well, haha indeed, you jerk, judge Donnellan probably thought. This is what she had to said after the two-hour hearing that lead to Jock's conviction for criminal contempt of court:

I cannot think of a more insidious threat to the erosion of democracy than citizens who do not care.

Jock was taken away by police while his girlfriend cried, probably thinking that his boyfriend was both an imbecile and also wanted to score something else with this Violetta character.

The moral of this story: don't be a idiot. [Herald Tribune]


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I've seen jurors pull all kinds of shit, the most recent being one who stated on her questionnaire that she didn't like black people. The judge wouldn't let get into it, but being that the defendant was black, his lawyer was white, and the prosecutor (me) was (and still am) black, I wanted to ask her if we would cancel each other out and thus make her fair and impartial. The thing is, people will do anything they can to get out of jury duty, but generally all it takes is for you to appear distracted, uninterested, and goofy- that's good enough for most lawyers *not* to want you on their jury without doing idiotic things like friending parties in the litigation on facebook. Still doesn't beat the chick who left in the middle of jury duty to go on vacation....